The Division Weapon Talents

Weapon Talents in The Division are passive attributes on weapons that alter and change your gameplay with that weapon. In order to unlock the weapon talents so they are activated on the weapon, you have to have the minimum requirement out of three stats Firearms, Stamina, or Electronics that the weapon talent requires. When viewing your weapon on the inventory screen, the weapon talent will show up as “talent” with an icon explaining what the talent will do along with the stat requirement. used to further customize your weapon in game. They can change the appearance of your weapon (skins) or help increase the damage / overall DPS of the weapon. As with every item in this game the quality levels for each weapon mod ranges from worse to best: Worn, Standard, Specialized, Superior and High-End. The higher quality weapon mod, the higher effect of the increased attribute found, and quantity. One of the key things about weapon mods is that not only can you find them from vendors, or drops from enemies, but they can also be crafted from blueprints. There are five types of weapon mods: Skins, Optics, Magazines, Underbarrels, and Muzzles.

List of Weapon Talents

  • Capable

    Effect: Using a Skill improves the handling of your weapon for 5 seconds.

  • Competent

    Effect: Weapon damage is increased by X% for 10 seconds after using a skill.

  • Fierce

    Effect: Critical hit chance is increased by 5% when using this weapon.

  • Predatory

    Effect: Killing a target regenerates X% health over 5 seconds.

  • Toxic

    Effect: Headshots with this weapon have a 5.50% chance to apply the Blind Status Effect.

  • Unforgiving

    Effect: Missing health segments increase your damage. 1 missing segment: +X%. 2 missing segments: +X%.

  • Expert

    Effect: The weapon deals 100% more damage when the target is below 30% health.

  • Talented

    Effect: Killing a target witht his weapon increases Skill Power by 3% for 5 seconds. The effect does not stack. Killing a new target refreshes the timer.

  • Steady

    Effect: Killing a target with a headshot removes X% sway from the weapon for x seconds.

  • Coolheaded

    Effect: Performing a headshot reduces all skill cooldowns by 2%.

  • Responsive

    Effect: Damage is increased by 5% when closer than 10 meters to the target.

  • Self-Preserved

    Effect: Critical hits with this weapon heal the user for 0.80% of damage dealt.

  • Restored

    Effect: Killing a target with this weapon removes all negative Status Effects.

  • Commanding

    Effect: Every kill performed while the Signature Skill is active extends its duration by 18%

  • Meticulous

    Effect: Killing a target has a 6.50% chance to instantly refill the magazine.

  • Determined

    Effect: Killing a target reduces skill cooldowns by X%.

  • Stable

    Effect: Stability is improved by 20%

  • Accurate

    Effect: Accuracy is increased by 20%

  • Destructive

    Effect: Armor destruction value is increased by X% when using this weapon.

  • Harmful

    Effect: Each hit has a X% chance to apply the Bleed Status Effect to the target.

  • Balanced

    Effect: The weapon reaches max accuracy faster when shouldering.

  • Intense

    Effect: The first bullet of a magzine has a 13% chance to apply the On Fire Status Effect to the target.

  • Ferocious

    Effect: Damage against Elite and Named enemies is increased by X%.

  • Sustained

    Effect: Killing a target increases your health by X%

  • Swift

    Reloading is 5% faster.

  • Brutal

    Effect: Headshot damage is increased by X% when using this weapon.

  • Proficient

    Effect: The first bullet shot when out of combat has a 25% chance to result in a critical hit.

  • Adept

    Effect: Using a skill increases your critical hit chance by X% for 5 seconds.

  • Skilled

    Effect: Headshot kills with this weapon increase Signature Skill resources by X%.

  • Dominant

    Effect: Every kill performed while your Signature Skill is active reduced the cooldown of your other skills by 3%.

  • Vicious

    Effect: Critical Hit chance increased by 13% while at full health.

  • Deadly

    Effect: Critical hit damage is increased by 10-30%

  • Prepared

    Effect: Damage is increased by X% when more than 40 meters from the target.

  • Fordern

    Effect: Kills by active skills prolong their duration by X%

  • Provident

    Effect: The last bullet in your magazine deals X% bonus damage.