Pennsylvania Plaza Side Missions

Side Missions in Pennsylvania Plaza for The Division are intended for levels 3-5. You can obviously go back and complete the zone at a higher level, but that is the initial level requirement. The Safe House for Pennsylvania Plaza is actually your Base of Operations which contains a weapon vendor, gear vendor, player stash, and a restock. Because this is your Base of Operations there are a lot of potential vendors and upgrades here as you upgrade all three wings of your base. Completing all the side missions will result in a blueprint reward just like all other zone completions. Note that you don’t have to complete all the encounters in the zone to get this reward, but you do have to complete all side missions.

Reward for 100% Completion

  • Upon completion of all the side missions in this zone you will get a notification to head back to the Base of Operations to get your final reward, a unique blueprint.

Video Walkthrough

Each Side Mission and Their Reward

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