The Division Side Missions

Side Missions in The Division are smaller missions you can do in each zone. They are not as in-depth as the main missions but do reward significant experience, credits, and rewards. If you complete all the side missions in a leveling area and return to the safe house in the zone, you’ll also get a bonus reward of a blueprint and more experience. So you’ll always want to complete all side missions in an area.

To unlock all the side missions in an area, you will proceed to the safe house in the zone. By speaking to the JTF officer in the safe house, all the side missions will appear on your map for easy navigation.

Types of Side Missions

  • Uplink Repair

    Locate the JTF antenna and restore communications.

  • Rescue

    Find and rescue the target.

  • Bounty

    Find and neutralize the target.

  • Missing Persons

    Find the missing person.

  • Supply Drop

    Find and secure the supply drop.

  • Investigation

    Find and recover the missing sterilization supplies.

Side Mission Bonus Reward Blueprints

  • By completing all side missions in an area you will unlock a final reward from the JTF Officer located in the safe house for the zone you’re in. Once you complete all the side missions, a new side mission will pop up telling you to go back to the safe house. Upon arrival speak to the JTF Officer to claim your reward for completing an area which will consist of experience, credits, and a crafting blueprint.

Side Mission Walkthroughs