Hutch Farm Exploit – Bullet King 2.0?

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Over at /r/thedivision/ today user notmashtato posted a youtube video showing off a repeatable method to farm phoenix credits and end game loot during the story mission Madison Field Hospital on Hard mode. In the video the player gets to the final rooftop section of Madison Field Hospital and engages the end mission boss, Hutch. All you have to do is kill Hutch while he’s still up on the roof before he jumps down, and his no name¬†shadow elite will spawn. Kill this elite and loot his body to earn phoenix credits and end game loot. Then simply die, and Hutch will respawn ready to kill again and have his no name shadow elite spawn again for more loot. Rinse and repeat.

Watch the video below from notmashtato over at reddit.

Hutch Farm Exploit – Bullet King 2.o?