The Division Intel Locations

If you’re looking to find all the intel locations in The Division look no further! It’s actually quite easy to unlock all the intel locations for: Survival Guides, Phone Recordings, Incident Reports, Crashed Drones, Missing Agents, and ECHOs. With over 293 intel collectibles to find in the game, that would be quite the task to try to find them all on your own. However, the developers were kind enough to give you a perk that actually unlocks all the intel locations on your map.

You can upgrade one of the Security Wing upgrades in the Base of Operations with Security Supplies to do so. You get the perk that reveals all intel locations through Canine Unit. This perk will reveal all undiscovered intel on the map when you complete all side missions and encounters in a named zone. Now if you go to a zone and complete all side missions and encounters, you can easily run around after the fact and collect all the intel.

Unlocking all Intel Locations on Map