The Division Gear

Agents can wear various types of gear in The Division that improve their abilities and stats, and protect the player from damage. Most of the gear you’ll acquire will be from: Killing NPC’s, Loot containers, Mission Rewards, Crafting, and Dark Zone PVP.

Types of Gear

Stats on Gear

Your most important stats come from gear itself. These stats are Firearms, Stamina, and Electronics. The better gear you find as you level up will determine your overall power based on the stats below.  The quality level of the gear from worse to best: Worn, Standard, Specialized, Superior and High-End. Will affect the amount of stats and power on the gear itself.

  • Firearms

    Stat that increases the effectiveness of your weapons. Improving this stat will increase your overall damage with weapons. The higher your firearms, the higher your final DPS will be.

  • Stamina

    Stat that increases your total health pool. The higher your stamina is, the more hits from enemies you can take before going down.

  • Electronics

    Stat that increases the effectiveness of your skills. The higher your Electronics is, the more effective and powerful your skills will be.