The Division Crafting

One of the best ways to obtain gear, weapons, and mods is through the crafting system that the game offers. Crafting in The Division allows you to create almost every type of equippable item in the game except for clothing items. Crafting is done through the crafting station in the base of operations using blueprints that you acquire while playing. To craft the item that the blueprint wants you’ll need to obtain crafting materials which consists of Fabric, Electronics, Weapon Parts, Tools, and Division Tech.

Crafting Materials and Locations


  • In order to craft anything in the game you must first acquire the blueprint to create the item. To learn more about blueprints and all of their locations visit the blueprints page.


  • Recalibration in The Division allows you to modify and change the bonuses and attributes of your current gear. If you’ve ever played Diablo it’s a similar system where you can reroll one of the attributes on the gear to try to get a better stat / attribute. You can freely roll only one attribute or stat multiple times per piece of gear.