The Division Abilities

The Division Abilities are divided into three main categories which consist of Skills, Talents, and Perks. This ability system allows you to pretty much create your own class and builds based on your own unique play style in the game. For example if you wanted to play more of a medic or support class, you would probably invest more points into the medical skills. No matter the kind of play style you want to play, to unlocked abilities you have to upgrade the security wing, tech wing, and medical wind your your base of operations.

Your ability points can be reset at any time allowing you to quickly switch and swap your play style on the fly.

List of The Division Abilities

  • Skills

    Skills are offensive and defensive abilities the player can use mid combat that define the type of class or agent you’re playing. These are activated abilities that have cooldown periods before you can use them again.

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  • Talents

    Talents are semi-passive abilities and that are activated or triggered through certain activities while playing the game. So one action occurs that then activates the talent. For example the precision talent activates on headshot of a target at full health, which increases headshot damage by 25% for 10 seconds.

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  • Perks

    Perks are a type of ability the player has that provide passive effects to your gameplay, both combat and non-combat. Unlike talents and skills, perks are active as soon as you equip them. The further you progress your character and unlock more upgrades in the base of operations, the more perks will become available.

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